Other Interests

Home Brewing

I have been homebrewing beer and mead since 2005. From stouts to IPAs, I have outlined some of my favorite Jurassic Park-themed recipes on one of my other blogs, Jurassic Brews! In addition to brewing, I also collect Schlitz memorabilia.




I have been riding motorcycles since 2008. My first bike was a 2007 Honda Rebel (250cc). I recently upgraded to a 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster (1200cc). I love to ride around Wisconsin and Illinois!




I have been playing guitar and singing in bands since I was in high school. The last band I performed in, RideJohnnyRide: A Tribute to the Misfits, played around the Chicago area from 2008-2009. You can listen to an extremely rough cut of one of our original songs, Tall Man, here. While I do not sing in punk rock bands any longer, I still play guitar from time to time.




I have recently taken up woodworking as an enjoyable hobby. Pictured is a pine bookcase I built for my wife in 2012.